It’s been a while since the weather here has been conducive to macro. The whole place basically dies over winter, and but for a two week fake spring in February, it’s been a long while since I’ve seen many bugs. But finally in the last week or two we’ve been able to get out into the bush and find some decent subjects! Here’s a random subset of them.

A wander into Schönbuch

Schönbuch is the main large patch of forest near Tübingen. These are from a couple of trips into Schönbuch at the end of April.

Iris weevil on a Buttercup
Parasitoid wasp
Stinging Nettle Weevil
Carrhotus xanthogramma

In the meadow of the Österberg

One of the big hills in Tübingen is almost entirely covered in a big meadow. These are a few of the critters we found on one of the first good sunny mornings of Spring.

Blue Leaf Beetle

Along the Käsenbach

The Käsenbach is a creek that goes through the town of Tübingen itself. It’s mostly full of gardens and allotments, so is often surprisingly good for insects for the middle of the city.

Black-headed Fire Beetle
Black-headed Fire Beetle
Evarcha sp. jumping spider